ABLE Surface Characterization Site - Smileyberg, KS

The ABLF Surface Characterization Site is located near Smileyberg, KS.

Smileyberg site photos

UTM km (Zone 14)
99 deg Meridan
DEG dddmmmsss Alt (m)
4154.6 UTMN km 37.521 37 31' 15" 37 31.26' 408
689.6 UTME km 96.855 96 51' 18" 96 51.30' .

Smileyberg Site aerial photo.
Smileyberg Site topo map.

The following data are available:

Surface Energy Balance and Soil Measurements
Radiation and Heat Flux
Permanent ECOR Plots
Site Computer Status
Moveable EC Plots - Brainerd, KS
Moveable EC Computer Status

Smileyberg 1-minute Met ASCIIdata last 24 hours.
Smileyberg 30-minute Met/Radiation ASCIIdata last 24 hours.
Smileyberg 30-minute SoilMoisture ASCIIdata last 24 hours.
Data Archive

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