ABLE Site - Moveable ECOR at Whitewater, KS

Whitewater Site aerial photo.

Whitewater Site topo map.

The moveable ECOR system was deployed at Smileyberg, KS from May 9, 2001 to Oct. 29, 2001.
It was next deployed at Brainerd, KS from March 30, 2002 to Dec. 8, 2003.
It is currently deployed at Whitewater, KS starting Jan. 20, 2004.
It is deployed as a moveable/solar powered system. Flux data are retrieved three times a day via digital cellular link.

Photos of the Moveable EC System

EC System setup at Brainerd, KS

EC Tower at Brainerd, KS

EC Tower at Brainerd, KS

EC Solar panels at Brainerd, KS

EC Instrument Heads

EC Control Box

EC System setup at Whitewater, KS

EC Control Box at Whitewater, KS with Arcom embedded Linux system

The following data are available:

Moveable EC Plots
Moveable EC Computer Status

Data Archive

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