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What is the ABLE log?

The ABLE log is the primary log of activities related to ABLE operations.  Entries are made to the ABLE log by sending email to the appropriate address.  The ABLE log is split into monthly files as time passes.  Contact  or  if you need to know the email address for sending to the ABLE log. The current and past monthly ABLE logs can be viewed from a web browser at

What are the available ABLE email distribution lists?

Email distribution lists have been established so the ABLE community can send email to the ABLE log and targeted individuals.    Each monthly ABLE log file contains the received SMTP email with headers for that month. You may wish to download and view the monthly files with a mail tool of your choice.

The current set of distribution lists are : "ablefile", "ablelog", and "ablelist".

"ablefile" sends email only to the ABLE log file, no people are included.

"ablelog" sends email to the ABLE log file and a selected list of individuals involved directly in ABLE instrument operations, data flow, or web display.

"ablelist" is the most general list, sending to the ABLE log file and many individuals interested in ABLE operations.

What are some guidelines for ABLE log email content?

 Please use standard "keycodes" in the subject line of ablelog entries.

Whenever possible, the subject line of ablelog email should contain a list of standard "keycodes" with a trailing colon.
These keycodes should be listed in general to specific order as follows:

First pick one general class: science: data: wx: equip: people:
Then pick additional descriptors as possible from the following categories:

Example subject lines are now given:
            (Whitewater radar data missing last three hours)    "data: wh: radar: missing: last 3 hours"
            (Reset csgan to fix ISDN hang)     "data: isdn: reset: csgan ymd040210 1240GMT to clear hang"
            (Smileyberg cooler failed)     "equip: hvac: sm: cooler failed."
            (Frontal passage at Beaumont observed)      "wx: be: fropa: at 1530 GMT"
            (500m nocturnal jet occurred at Whitewater )     "science: wh: jet: at 500m 0200 - 0400 CST."
            (Oxford site visit)    "equip: ox: visit:"

Please make a subject fit to keycodes whenever possible.  E.G.  Checking the alignment on the sodar pointing angle might
read "calib:"  Use keywords to which your entry applies: e.g. "equip: aws: cr10 battery replaced."

The trailing colon helps string searches to distinguish between normal use of words and keycode use.
That way you can for instance use "phone" or "phone:" for normal or keycode use in your subject.

To see who is currently on  the various lists, click on the links below:

To request to be added or removed from one of the above lists send email to :  or .

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