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The Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiments (ABLE) is a research initiative devoted to atmospheric research. This project has been developed by the Atmospheric Section of Argonne National Laboratory. The ABLE is located on the lower Walnut Watershed, mostly in Butler County east of the city of Wichita, Kansas. This location is within the existing boundaries of DOE's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Southern Great Plains (SGP) Clouds and Radiation Testbed (CART) site. The establishment of this facility offers a virtual atmospheric observatory and provides essential research tools for addressing a myriad of unresolved fundamental questions in atmospheric research. The ABLE provides a continuous view of processes in the lower atmosphere over a limited domain within the SGP CART site.

The initial focus of the ABLE is measurements of the planetary boundary layer (PBL) where almost all interactions between the atmosphere and humans take place. Many scientific issues may be addressed by use of such a facility, including;


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Facility Contact:

Richard L. Coulter - ER 203
Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Argonne, IL 60439

Voice: 630 252-5833
Fax: 630 252-5498

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