ABLE Central Site - Augusta, KS

The ABLF Central Site is located near Augusta, KS.

The shipping address is:

Jerry Klazura
Argonne National Laboratory
ABLE Project Office
13645 S.W. Haverhill Rd.
Augusta, KS 67010

UTM (Zone 14)
99 deg Meridan
DEG dddmmmsss Alt (m)
4166.2 UTMN km 37.626 37 37' 32" 37 37.53' 400
686.9 UTME km 96.882 96 52' 55" 96 52.92' .

Central Site aerial photo.
Central Site topo map.

The following data are available:

BLRS Wind Profile (high power)
BLRS SNR Profile (high power)
Site Computer Status

CentralSiteAPO 1-minute Met ASCIIdata last 24 hours.
Data Archive

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